A garment performance at the Palm Springs Museum in collaboration with Renee Petropoulos's residency.

This event was a protest, a show of resilience and survival, honoring past and present immigrants whose lives are fragmented but intact, separated but united, dislocated but still here and thriving.

Textiles used for the Philippine camisas were made from the repisodic epicenters series. Indigo-dyed tunics were painted with the words still here, still still, steal air, style heir, still steel. A grouping of flag-like garments were worn in multiple ways. Models maneuvered around an asterisk-shaped platforms as well as tall, asymmetrical plinths with mirrors that reflected the surrounding installation of layered textiles and hung garments in the gallery. Models were from the local Filipino community of Palm Springs as well as friends and allies. Music by Mark Golamco and Greg Lenczycki.